Workshops and Gatherings

Are you pregnant and you want to have a special time with you and your unborn baby? Are you planning to become pregnant and would love to prepare yourself? Join our Workshops and Positive Birthing Gatherings for moms and dads-to-be!

Pregnancy Workshops for Moms and Dads-to-be

Are you curious to find out more about hypnobirthing - but you are not yet ready to commit for the full course? Or do you love the concept but you still need to convince your partner? Here is your solution! Join our pregnancy workshop for parents-to-be.


The four hour workshop, based on the concept of hypnobirthing will help you to release fear and build confidence to birth your baby naturally. It will help you to get a positive mind set towards labour and birth. You will learn lots of facts, gain more profound knowledge about the birth process and met other parents-to-be.


The Pregnancy Workshop is the first part of the hypnobirthing course.  You can decide to only attend the pregnancy workshop - or to participate in the workshop and then (if you like the hypnobirthing concept) sign up for hypnobirthing part 2.


This workshop is designed for first time, second time, and third time moms; for couples with a positive attitude towards birth as well as for moms who are afraid of giving birth. It is meant for VBAC moms, moms with twins, moms with breech babies. It is for all parents-to-be, who would like a natural birth.


Your investment for the four hour pregnancy workshop for you and your partner including refreshments is only 6,000 Ksh. Check the dates for the next workshop at my Facebook page.


For more information and to book please contact me. I am looking forward to change your view and experience of giving birth!

Positive Birthing Gatherings

Join us every second Saturday of the month for the free Positive Birthing Gatherings to listen to POSITIVE AND EMPOWERING BIRTH STORIES and to get tips how to have one yourself. I invite moms and dads to share their positive birth stories with you. 


I love support and network  - especially during pregnancy, where all your hormones and feelings are playing roller coaster with you! Therefore the gatherings will give you a great opportunity to meet other moms-to-be who are in a similar situation as you, bond with them and build up your support network. Get more details here


I am looking forward to meeting you.