Our Workshops

We can individually design any kind of workshops. Find a few example for workshops here.

Fear-Free-Birth Workshop

In our fear-free-birth workshop you will get the chance to share your fears and worries about giving birth, the challenges you currently face in your pregnancy and any worries about early motherhood and becoming a mom or second time mom. 

You will get practical tips which will help you with your fears, worries and challenges. You will also learn about positive affirmations for your pregnancy, birth and early motherhood which will help you to overcome your fears and worries. 

In our my-dream-birth workshop we will help you to get aware of your Dream Pregnancy & Birth! What kind of birth do you want to have? What kind of birth is possible in Nairobi? We will share tools how to picture your blissful pregnancy and birth and you will create your own personal vision board about that dream pregnancy & birth. Remember "The Secret" and the "Law of Attractions"? A vision board will help you to attract the pregnancy and birth experience YOU want!

My-Dream-Birth Workshop

Plan-YOUR-Birth Workshop

The workshop is more of a practical and technical workshop and therefore it is designed for Moms AND Dads-to-be!


In our plan-YOUR-birth we will share the Where?s, When?s and Who?s about birth. In the Where?s we will give you insides of the different places where you can give birth. In the When?s we talk about due-dates and inductions. And in the Who?s we discuss the importance of an birthing partner. 

You will also learn how to make informed choices for your birth!