Been there... here to hold your hand

My  name is Yvonne Meyer-Onyando. I am married and a mother of two lovely boys. I am a Pregnancy and Birth Coach, a certified KG Hypnobirthing teacher and NLP Master Practitioner, Quantum Breath Facilitator, Reiki Healer and Family Constellation Facilitator. And I am the founder of PREGNANCY BIRTH & BEYOND.


I always loved being pregnant, even so the first four months of the second pregnancy were quite tough: Many things in my life were challenging, I had no energy left and was non-stop tired. Coaching helped me a lot to overcome those situations. In addition to the coaching, I also shared my challenges with close friends and family, who all supported me and helped me through the tough time.


I can only advise you: Ask for help and accept any help offered. You deserve it!



When I was the first time pregnant, a good friend told me about hypnobirthing. I googled it and loved what I found! The only problem was that during my pregnancy nobody offered hypnobirthing classes in Kenya. So I borrowed her course material and her CD with affirmations and listened to them regularly. It made a difference: 


Both my births were a wonderful experience - even so for the first one I had to push for 1.5 hours!! I admit that it was painful, but the hypnobirthing and coaching sessions I had during my pregnancy absolutely helped me to experience my birth in such a positive and beautiful way. I learned to welcome all contractions, as they help me to birth my baby naturally.


Being inspired from all the positive changes hypnobirthing did to me, I traveled to London to become a certified KG hypnobirthing teacher. I was amazed to learn how much more there is to learn and share apart from the affirmations I used. 


My own experiences and the experiences from other moms showed me again, how important help, support and inspiration is - especially during pregnancy and birth! That is the reason why I am offering hypnobirthing courses, private coaching sessions and our workshops & retreats specially designed for moms-to-be.

I would love to support you to overcome any challenges during your pregnancy and early motherhood and to have a similar beautiful birth experience as I did.


I am looking forward meeting you!