Yvonne, I loved hearing stories from your own experience and your opinions too, really useful to help address many of my assumptions and negative beliefs. And also to affirm my positive beliefs and give me more confidence about the things that I want. 

Great also to have interactions of other mums. 

Lulu, first time mom

I like the way Yvonne guided us through the practices it suggests certain things to consider. Course has given me some great new knowledge and insight, I feel a lot more relaxed and excited about the birthing process.

Stephan, first time dad

I feel very happy to have attended the course. I feel I have the tools I need, you are very supportive of each individuality and that’s a huge advantage and it made us feel safe. Thanks so much!

Amelie, first time mom

In just a few hours I feel better prepared for birth and have fewer fears.

Rose, first time mom

Very good to have the personal interaction of a coach-led hypnobirthing course a lot of added value over doing it online or just via a book. 

Lisa, first time mom

Yvonne sharing her own personal experience is also very helpful. She seems confident which was very helpful- helped me relax. I thought it would be “hard work” but it wasn’t. Very informative which helps me build confidence. 

Cece, first time mom

The course was well structured and informative. Highly recommended.

Sahil, first time dad

I felt like the course was what I needed to talk through negative birth perceptions and learn techniques to mentally prepare for birth and feel more relaxed and empowered after the course.

Laura, first time mom

The entire process was extremely positive. Gave us a better perspective on the entire birthing process and how to be more connected to each other and our baby.

 Lulu, first time mom