Birth Trauma & Individual Sessions

Did you have a traumatic birth experience and would like to overcome it? Maybe you just found out that you are pregnant and would like some guidance or you lost a baby and need someone to talk to. Or you need a safe space to talk about your experiences during your pregnancy. Whatever your concern is, in our one-to-one sessions I help you to identify your target and guide you to reach it. I support you to overcome any obstacles on the way. In addition I share wonderful tools with you, which will support you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. 

One-to-one Sessions

I offer individual sessions for all topics around your pregnancy, your birth and becoming a mother (or of course a father).  


I do not believe in one method which fits everyone. Therefore we combine various methods to match your individual preference. The various methods are:

  • ¨ Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • ¨ Systemic Works (Constellation techniques)
  • ¨ Usage of Muscle Test (O-Ring Test)
  • ¨ Breathe Work (Quantum Breathing)

The individual coaching sessions are held in a safe and private environment in Nairobi, Westlands. Your sessions will be kept absolutely confidential


Your investment

Our first session will be 12,000 Ksh. In you like (or need) any follow up sessions, additional sessions will be 9,000 Ksh. 


The first session will take about 2 hours; the following sessions about 1.5 hours. As we are often too busy in our daily lives and easily forget to create time for ourselves or just relax, I like to give you this time after our session. Hence, coaching itself will be about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes, then you have time for meditations, relaxing, to listen to affirmation or just for reflection and writing.