Our Team

Yvonne Meyer-Onyando

KG Hypnobirthing teacher, pregnancy and birth coach, founder of PREGNANCY BIRTH & BEYOND and mother of two


My births were a wonderful experience - even so for the first one I had to push for 1.5 hours!! Hypnobirthing and coaching sessions helped me to experience my birth in such a positive and...  READ MORE



Lucy Muchiri

Independent midwife and doula and founder of Eve's Mama


A great address for your birth preparation classes and our backup for any kind of medical questions.


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Petra Klug

Sound yoga, sound coaching and sound massage practitioner and reflexologist


During our weekend retreats Petra will spoil you with her empowering sound yoga sessions for moms-to-be, her amazing sound massage sessions and much more!

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Thitu Kariba

Zumba & aqua aerobic instructor and founder of fitness for two



You can enjoy Thitu's fitness for two session, which combines pregnancy yoga, zumba, aqua fitness, nutrition, and hypnobirthing during our one day workshops in Nairobi. You will love her. 

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