Fertility Support - Your Journey to Pregnancy

Think yourself pregnant.

Gain confidence that you can conceive.

Get EQUIPPED with the knowledge you need.

Are you trying to conceive since month or years and reached a point were you are frustrated and deeply disappointed? Have you lost a previous pregnancy and now you are scared to get pregnant again? Are you about to give up hopes to have a(nother) baby even so from the medical point you should be able to conceive? Are you undergoing or considering IVF? Then this program is for you. I love to help and support you during this challenging time.


Have you also heard stories of parents who tried for year to get pregnant and when they decided to adopt a child, they conceived naturally? Stress or mental blockages can sometimes be the reason that your body cannot conceive. Your mind can play a major role.


I will not promise you that you will conceive, but I will be there to walk with you through this challenging time and help you to reduce the stress. We will work through possible mental blockages and hindering beliefs. I will equip you with relaxation tools and support you to gain confidence in your body's ability to conceive. At the same time we will also work on acceptance that you might not get pregnant.  

You will get a continuously support from me over a period of several month (we will adjust the time frame to match to your personal preferences), which gives you sufficient time to practice strategies which help you and your partner to reduce anxieties and fears and replace them with confidence and trust.  


The program is a combination of 

  • individual sessions to work in depth on your challenges, maybe personal experiences of a loss and acceptance of your current situation
  • your own preparation whereby you will practice techniques to use the power of your mind to increase the likelihood of conception and create more awareness through self-reflecting exercises at your own home

 You can decide to do the program alone or together with your partner.


During our individual sessions we will work in depth on your challenges, maybe personal experiences of a loss and acceptance of your current situation and we will together create strategies and supporting tools based on the insides you gained from the awareness exercises. You will receive tailor-made relaxationsbased on the concept of hypnobirthing, and we will prepare prepare your own personal positive affirmations and/or other supporting tools and exercises. 

The sessions will be held in the safe and confidential environment of my office in Westlands. We will have a maximum of two sessions per month, as you will need time to practice, relax and prepare in-between the sessions. Also your body and your mind needs time to adjust.


Your preparation at home will be a combination of awareness exercises, whereby you will receive regular emails with exercises from me. You can do the exercises alone for yourself or together with your partner at your own convenience at the comfort of your home. The exercises will take about 20 to 30 minutes each. In addition you will practise your relaxations, work with your own affirmations and any other tools or strategies we developed together in the individual sessions. 


Your investment for my support in your journey to pregnancy will be 60,000 Ksh. That will include the awareness exercises, your tailor-made relaxations and our six individual session.