Hypnobirthing - Silver

This addition to the basic hypnobirthing course helps you to work on your own worries, personal challenges and individual negative perceptions about childbirth on a one-to-one basis with me. I combined my favorite tools and own birth experiences, to create this wonderful program for you

During the program you will gain more awareness about your fears and worries and I will guide you how to overcome any negative perceptions about child birth and to turn them into positive believes, so you feel safe and secure. We will work together to create the best birth environment for you and your baby. I will share more of my own experience and I will support you with individual practical tips. You will build more confidence in your body's capacity to birth your baby naturally and to trust the birth process, so you can enjoy your pregnancy, knowing that you are preparation for the arrival of your beautiful baby.


If you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact us! We are happy to hear from you.  

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Course Outline


With the hypnobirthing-silver program, you will get a continuously support over a period of two month, (the time frame can of course be adjusted to your personal preferences) whereby you will receive weekly emails with exercises all around your pregnancy and birth from me. You can do the exercises together with your partner (or of course alone) at your own convenience at the comfort of your home. The exercises will take about 20 to 30 minutes each. After every four weeks, we meet to work in depth on the best possible, individual preparation for your birth, based on the insides your gained from the exercises. I will create a safe environment for you and your partner whereby everything will be treated confidential. 


Your investment 


Your investment for the individual guidance in the Hypnobirthing-Silver Program as an addition to the basic hypnobirthing course is 20,000 Ksh. I are looking forward to being part of your pregnancy and birth journey.