Congratulations to your pregnancy!

You are excited but at the same time insecure about giving birth? Do you want to prepare best for the arrival of your little angel? We love to support you from the moment you find out that you are pregnant and have lots of questions to the time you give birth.. and beyond! 

We are looking forward to being part of your pregnancy journey!  


Our courses and programs are designed for first time, second time, and third time moms; for couples with a positive attitude towards birth as well as for moms who are afraid of giving birth. They are meant for VBAC moms, moms with twins, moms with breech babies. In short, for all parents-to-be, who would like a natural birth and a better birth experience. Are you one of them? Then you are here at the right place! 

KG HypnoBirthing Courses

The hypnobirthing course is the foundation for your birth preparation. It will help you to get a positive mind set towards labour and birth. You will learn lots of facts, gain more profound knowledge about the birth process and how to make informed choices and avoid unnecessary medical interventions. Get more details about the HypnoBirthing Course!

Birth Beyond Boundaries Program

The Birth Beyond Boundary program is an additional offer to the hypnobirthing course. In this course I combined all my tools and own experiences to help you to overcome any fears and worries for your birth and early motherhood. I will work with you so you will be able to create the best birth environment for yourself and your baby and feel secure, guided and well prepared. Learn more about the Birth Beyond Boundaries Program.


With the combination of the two course, you will have the best possible preparation for your birth so you can relax, enjoy your pregnancy and trust the process.  

Pregnancy & Birth Coaching

Would love a one to one session to work on an individual topic around pregnancy and birth? Maybe you just found out that you are pregnant and would like some guidance or you lost a baby and need someone to talk to. Or you just had your baby and now you don't know which of all the advises you get every day you should follow. Or you might feel that you are not the perfect mother you wanted to be? Then our Pregnancy and Birth Coaching is the right choice for you!